Living Here

Moncton Has a Reputation for Being One of the Best Cities to Live in Canada

A city with a booming economy. Rugged natural beauty. It’s not often the two coexist but Moncton gives you the best of both worlds! You’ll enjoy short commutes to work, affordable real estate and a community that is incredibly friendly and welcoming. You’ll have access to a rich and vibrant arts and culture scene. You’ll feel welcome and at home!

Reasons Why
A Lifestyle in a Class by Itself

It’s a knockout! Moncton has a compelling blend of everything: a bustling city where things are happening but paired with a casual, balanced lifestyle.

You get a city lifestyle. But, at the same time, you’ll be close to beaches and National Parks. Not to mention zoos and amusement parks. All in a warm, bilingual community with a vibrant nightlife. No matter what you like, Moncton has you covered!

Quality of Life That’s Second to None

We’re pretty friendly here!

Moncton has been named the most Canadian city, one of the best cities to raise a family, and also one of the cities most considerate to strangers! How’s that for reputation?

You’ll love living in Moncton! The friendly community and gorgeous setting, with clean water and air, are unmatched. The quality of life here is outstanding, and you’ll have your pick of recreational, sporting and cultural events to choose from.

Progressive and Welcoming Community

Moncton welcomes newcomers with open arms! We value the new expertise, innovation and cultural richness they bring to the community.

Moncton works hard to make sure newcomers are provided with all the services they need to succeed and prosper. Our team is always working hard to make sure everyone is collaborating and working towards common goals. We want everyone’s skills and perspectives to find their place!

City Bringing in the Crowds


What makes us so magnetic? Our growing community means there are a wide range of career, business and educational opportunities to choose from.

Bilingualism Celebrated

We speak two languages! Moncton is Canada’s first officially bilingual city in Canada’s only officially bilingual province.

Since we speak two languages, you’ll have access to high-quality schooling and healthcare in both French and English. The choice is yours!

World-Class Events

We don’t shy away from the spotlight! Moncton is renowned for hosting world-class events, fun festivals, and mega concerts.

You’ll get small town hospitality and charm but with access to world-class events such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup and various mega concerts. We bring the world to you!

Why Moncton is the Clear Champ?