Why Moncton?

Why Moncton is the Top Choice

Talented, bilingual workforce! Infrastructure! Thriving central location! Low corporate tax rates! Low-cost business environment! Moncton is rising through the ranks as a powerhouse economy in which to do business. Our energetic, cost-competitive environment will give your business the edge it needs to succeed and prosper. Moncton means business!

Reasons Why
First Fully Bilingual City

Moncton is Canada’s first bilingual city with 47% of its population speaking both French and English.

As a fully bilingual city, Moncton is teeming with the skilled labour you need to provide your customers exceptional service in both of Canada’s official languages.


Moncton is one of the most cost-competitive cities in the U.S. and Canada according to KPMG’s Competitive Alternative’s Report.

Moncton’s low-cost business environment gives your business an upper hand. From real estate to incentives. From labour to technology. We have everything you need at a low cost. Your bottom line never looked so robust!

Thriving Economy

Moncton enjoys a national and international reputation as an enviable location for business.

The city boasts diverse real estate options, a cost-competitive business environment, and one of the top growing metropolitan economies in Canada.

Moncton is an economic force! You can have confidence that the city will be the catalyst to amplify your business’s success. After all, our reputation as a thriving economy only continues to grow!

Premium Location

Moncton is the centre of the Atlantic Trade Gateway. It’s conveniently located halfway between the west coast of the United States and Europe, making it a strategic global hub!

Moncton has built an impressive transportation infrastructure. Not only is the city your gateway to the Canadian east coast, it’s also a key entry point to Canada and the US!

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Prime Real Estate

Building or expanding here just makes financial sense! We’re one of the most affordable places in Canada for real estate. And we have choice locations waiting for you right now!

Moncton has a booming, affordable commercial real estate market. This gives you tremendous opportunities to find a location tailored to your business needs. Once you’re settled, our low-cost environment makes sure your bottom line stays healthy!

Concierge Service

We’re always in your corner! Moncton takes a concierge approach to economic development. We make sure you have absolutely everything you need for success at every step!

One call and Moncton’s Economic Development team will be there! We give you one-on-one attention, whether you’re looking to set up your business or to expand. We understand that your success is our success.