Key Industries & Sectors

Moncton’s Key Industries & Sectors Pack a Punch

Moncton is an economic force! It’s the economic and population growth engine for the Province of New Brunswick. Its multi-sector strength drives growth and innovation. From insurance to financial services, from ICT to transportation, from retail to business process outsourcing, from tourism to advanced manufacturing—Moncton has it all! Our diversified sectors mean we’re packing a punch on all fronts!

Reasons Why
Considerable Financial Services

Moncton is one of the top metropolitan areas for growth in all of Canada!

Many financial heavyweights, including the RBC Royal Bank and Tangerine, are flocking here for Moncton’s strategic location, talented workforce and low cost of doing business.

Access to first-class infrastructure, exceptional employees and a strong supply chain—these are just a few of the reasons why the finance sector is flourishing here! With our thriving economy, businesses and financial services are set to continue their steady growth.

Strong ICT Sector

Moncton’s talent pool in Information and Communications Technology is deep!

Niches in gaming technologies and animation only continue to grow. Coupled with our cutting-edge fibre optic connectivity, Moncton’s ICT sector is pulling no punches!

Whether you’re in the ICT business or need strong support from the ICT sector, Moncton has what you need! Our ICT sector is thriving because of its ability to attract and retain high-quality talent. Moncton is rich in ICT infrastructure and expertise!

Extensive Business Process Outsourcing

Our services pack a wallop! Moncton outpaces all other North American and European locations for low-cost business process outsourcing and support services.

With one of the lowest cost environments in all of North America and Europe for these services, you can’t lose when you bring your business to Moncton!

Whatever your business process outsourcing and support service needs, Moncton can provide a high-quality, low-cost solution. Couple that with a highly-talented, bilingual workforce and you have a combination that just can’t lose!

Established Reputation in Insurance

Where can you find the majority of insurance carrier employment in the province? In Moncton, of course!

Assumption Life, Intact Insurance, The Co-operators, and Medavie Blue Cross are just some of the companies that now call Moncton home.

With big contenders already in place, Moncton has an established reputation of meeting all the needs of the insurance sector. Moncton’s strategic location, cost-competitive environment and talented workforce are just a few of the reasons why!

Vibrant Retail Sector

Moncton is home to major retail centres. These draw up to 1.4 million consumers from within a 2.5-hour commuting radius. How’s that for action?

As a retail and tourism magnet, Moncton brings clients right to your door! Tourism and retail employ 23.5% of the total workforce in Moncton. That just gives you a sense of what a bustling retail hub Moncton really is!

High-Capacity Transportation Hub

We deliver the goods! As the centre of the Atlantic Gateway, Moncton’s advanced transportation infrastructure helps the region’s retail, manufacturing, tourism and service sectors grow steadily.

Moncton’s transportation infrastructure really packs a punch! We have 300 firms active in transportation, logistics and warehousing. Not to mention high-calibre transportation firms, regional distribution centres, and a top-notch air and rail system to serve all your business needs!

Why Moncton is the Clear Champ?