Moncton is at the Centre of the Action

Moncton is the smart choice for businesses who want to start something new or expand! It’s at the heart of the east coast of Canada. But it’s also smack dab between the western United States and Europe. How’s that for strategic positioning? Combine that with a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and entrepreneurial culture, and you have a real powerhouse!

Reasons Why
Dynamic Eastern Canadian Hub

Moncton is centrally located, both on the east coast of Canada and also between the western United States and Europe.

Moncton offers you strategic access to world markets. Moncton runs on the Atlantic time zone (EST +1), which overlaps with both the European and US workday. So you can do business with western Europe and the US all in the same work day! And if you need to get there in person, Moncton has an international airport to get you where you need to be. That’s what we call being in the centre of the action!


Proud collaborator with

World Class Industrial Parks

Developing competitive and compelling industrial lands for more than 60 years

Moncton Industrial Development (MID) is a non-profit corporation working to promote the economic and industrial development of the City of Moncton.

Whether it’s new business moving to the community or local business, MID can help with the following:

  • Site selection – MID sells land in the Moncton Industrial Park West, Caledonia Industrial Estates, and Moncton East Business Park.
  • Existing Business Facilities – MID can provide information on available manufacturing, warehousing and office space available for lease or purchase.
  • MID can provide information and data on the City and the industrial parks in particular.
Easy Distribution

Highways. Railways. An international airport. Nearby shipping ports. Moncton delivers the goods!

We have a top-notch transportation infrastructure that makes distribution a breeze.

Our advanced transportation infrastructure, located in the most cost-competitive environment in Canada, continues to support growth in the region’s manufacturing, tourism and service sectors. No matter what your transportation or delivery needs, Moncton has you covered!

Entrepreneurial Culture

Moncton enjoys a long reputation of outpacing the rest of Atlantic Canada in new business starts. Why? Because our people are our greatest asset!

Moncton’s entrepreneurial spirit means your start-up or expansion will be in brilliant company and have all the support it needs to be competitive. You’ll join a slew of other motivated entrepreneurs who are unleashing their business ideas!

Highly-Skilled Workforce

Highly productive. Highly educated. English and French speaking labour market. Moncton’s workforce is renowned for the exceptional quality of their customer service!

Moncton’s acclaimed workforce is skilled, educated and ready to ensure your business is invigorated by its employees. Our people are results-focused so your business is set up for success!

Dynamic Downtown

Dynamic and growing—Moncton’s downtown is the place to be!

With its newly opened multi-million-dollar Avenir Centre, and with building permits in high demand, Moncton’s downtown is a winning proposition! Discover lots of incentives and great development opportunities when you locate your business here.

We’re offering Redevelopment Grants! These grants give property owners financial incentives to redevelop lands and buildings that are currently underused or vacant. This just shows how committed the City of Moncton is to further growing its vibrant downtown core!

Incredible Business Real Estate Available

Moncton is open for business! We have great locations and sites, including three of Atlantic Canada’s top business and industrial parks.

Looking for a commercial or multi-res property development opportunity? Now is the time and Moncton is the city:

  • Low commercial real estate inventory: Our overall vacancy rate is 8.3% with downtown at just 7.3%, and demand isn’t slowing. Your new development could be the very next we add to the list.
  • Low multi-res inventory: The vacancy rates in multi-resident/apartment buildings here is at a near all-time low, at just 2.7%. Whether you’re new to residential property management or well established, there’s never been a better time to break ground in Moncton.
  • Atlantic Canada’s business park: 3 of the region’s top business and industrial parks are right here. Moncton is one city that’s open for business.

No matter what you’re looking for, Moncton has the prime location for you. Check out these incredible sites and land available now.